Press Release May 3 2021

New Leadership takes over the helm of the Association of Cameroonian Nurse Anesthetists in America (ACNAA)

Although we could not get together in person this year for our Annual Congress, we successfully elected new leaders to steer the affairs for ACNAA for the next two years. Edwin N. Aroke, Ph.D., CRNA, was inducted as the 2nd President of ACNAA at the conclusion of the 4th Virtual Annual Conference on April 10th, 2021. He holds a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Biochemistry from the University of Buea (1992), a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Salem State University graduating Summa Sum Laude (2007), and a Master of Science in Nursing with Concentration in Nurse Anesthesia from Duke University (2011), earning the Annie Beery Award for Outstanding Leadership and the Sigma Theta Tau Thelma Ingles Award for Outstanding Clinical skills and Scholarly Accomplishment. Dr. Aroke earned his Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Medical School, receiving the Chancellor’s Award in 2016.

Aroke’ Vision for ACNAA

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 continues to challenge us to revitalize ourselves, rethink our strategies, and reconnect our humanity. Under the transformational leadership of Dr. Aroke, ACNAA will focus on three strategic goals:

  1. Increase educational opportunities for anesthesia providers in Cameroon.
  2. Increase community engagement.
  3. Complete a robust benchmarking study of the state of anesthesia care in Cameroon.

Improving anesthesia care in Cameroon requires action. Looking ahead, Dr. Aroke and his team are eager to transform the delivery of anesthesia care in Cameroon.


Established in 2016, the Association of Cameroonian Nurse Anesthetists in American is a non-profit professional Nurse Anesthesia organization. Members include Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) of Cameroonian origin as well as other well-wishers who support the mission of ACNAA.  ACNAA’s mission is to save lives and improve anesthesia outcomes through healthcare relief missions and education. To nurture a robust network of Cameroonian CRNA in society and share ideas, advance careers, elevate and empower each other, socialize, support SRNAs, and impact society through community projects.

I want every member to know that you are appreciated and the work you do matters.  I thank you for your service and looking forwards to working with you.


Edwin N. Aroke, Ph.D., CRNA

ACNAA President