Founder’s Club

Membership to the club is voluntary and open to all ACNAA members. Each founding member is required pay $1000 (one thousand) to join the club. 

If the member is unable to pay the full amount upfront, $500 is payable in the first month and $500 payable over the next two months Founding members would be able to write off this $1000 donation for tax purposes.

Edwin Aroke, PhD, CRNA

Sylvia Egbe, DNP, CRNA

Nkam Mongwa, MSN, CRNA

Delphine Tih, MSN, CRNA

Asheri Mainsah, MSN, CRNA

Ntiege Obed Ngwane, MSN, CRNA

Meghan Haman Achu, BSN, RN, SRNA

Genesis S. Bangha, MSN, CRNA

Atangcho Celestine, PhD, CRNA

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